Build-A-PC Changelogs

March 25-29, 2019
– In the process of changing from a 2-page guide down to 1

September 10, 2018
– Replaced link text of Return to Build-A-PC in the Results page into a button
– Replaced dropdowns for RAM, SSD, HDD, and GPU quantities to a number-only input
– Added more return parameters when using the Return Button for quantities and store preferences

September 5, 2018
– Added return parameters when clicking on Return button
– Added visual differences for item quantities that cannot be modified (or that’s always limited to 1 per build)

August 5, 2018 (It’s been a while)
– Limited stores to Dynaquest and PC Hub
– Limited dropdowns to items where it is available to any of the stores listed.

April 17, 2018
– Enabled One-Click Store. Let’s you choose components from only a selected store. It would still give a 0-peso price if the item isn’t available.

April 2018
– Added prices for H310, B360, and H370 boards

March 18, 2018
– Added “sneak peek” H310, B360, and H370 boards. Prices are currently at 0 while stocks are unavailable.


March 9, 2018
– Added CPU prices for PC Worx
– Added older CPUs that are listed from PC Worx
– Adjusted CPU prices for other stores


January 15, 2018
– Adjusted SSD and HDD quantities from 4 to 10
– Added Subtotal and Quantity values on the Results page
– JDM prices are now fully functional


January 9, 2018
– Added JDM prices for RAM


January 6, 2018
– Added JDM prices for CPU Cooler and Case


December 27, 2017
– Added JDM prices for HDD and Power Supply


December 23, 2017
– Added JDM prices for Motherboard and Graphics Card
– Added CPU-MOBO compatibility


December 18, 2017
– Added JDM prices for Processor and SSD


December 14, 2017
– Initial transfer from old website
– Initial release